Hello all you beautiful people!jasbio

Jacinta is inspired to sing to all the world because of Jesus. She grew up in Sydney, Australia and learned how to play guitar from her Dad. Her Mum would sing to her as a child and this helped put music into Jacinta’s heart. Spending time with Jesus and getting to know God as her Father, led to playing chords on the guitar and songs emerging by the Holy Spirit.

By 2003, Jacinta had put together enough songs and had saved up enough money to purchase a digital recorder with 12 tracks. She had dreamed of creating an album for so long, to tell the world about her God. “Carried” was complete.

In 2004/2005 the album Spirit Filled reflected times of joy and pain in life.

2006 saw the launch of her next album “Walk”. A story of walking with Jesus, while changing and growing as a person. A journey of becoming closer to God, through it all.

By mid December 2007, Jacinta had completed her album “a together journey”. A spiritual journey of singleness to married life. We were two people seen as one by God. I had sung my heart out to God and went on my first music tour, starting at North Parramatta, then to Coffs Harbour, then to Brisbane.

2008-2011 Jacinta continued to work on her next album called “Freedom” because that is the story of her life. That is the story of all our lives… isn’t it???

2012 was a time for Jacinta to take some risks. Time to step out and trust God even more. It was time to collaborate, to celebrate the safety of being in God’s arms. The new album “Flying Home” has a different sound, but still reflects the heart of Jacinta and how God has a hold on her life.

Jacinta is funny, soulful, amazing, passionate, intelligent and whole. Jacinta is free in Jesus. Her prayer is that her songs connect you with Jesus.

If you’re looking for Jacinta, you’ll find her loving God and people. Whether she’s playing her guitar and pouring her heart out to God or driving to the beach, she is and always will be captured, carried and found in God.

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We hope you enjoy these songs, and your own time with God.