A Together Journey is an album that tells a story for Jacinta moving into marriage. It speaks of her spiritual journey with Christ and her husband Colin, together, along the way. This album concentrates on total devotion to God in a marriage relationship. Check it out regardless of whether you are married or single. It will inspire your heart.


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01. Intro (In this place)

(Jacinta Rae)


Here we are again together

In this space and time of freedom

Jesus, in this place

Free us by Your grace

Here we are again together

Here we come again together

02. All of me

(Jacinta Rae)

Jesus come into this place

Jesus fill us with Your grace

Jesus fill us with Your truth

Jesus lead us straight to You

Take all of me

Change all of me

You are the healer

Jesus the forgiver

Jesus take our lives

Jesus make us Yours

Make us more like You

03. Breathe

(Jacinta Rae)

Breathe in

Breathe out

The fresh sea air

Wind blowing through my hair

Crabs walking on rocks

Ocean roaring away

Breathe in the freshness of God

The sweet smell of victory

Freedom, found in God

Freedom is found in God

Live as free in Christ

Crystal clear water

Just like you and me

Cause of Jesus

And His cleansing blood

The sand on the beach

Every grain is that of Christ

Jesus set me free again

Jesus make whole again

Jesus make me Yours again


04. Vowsong

(Jacinta Rae)

I desire to walk with you with Jesus

I desire to dance with you with Jesus

I desire to rest with you in Jesus

I desire to listen with you to Jesus

I desire to honour you with Jesus

I desire to love and respect you with Jesus

Jesus bind us in Your love

Jesus bind you in His love

Jesus help me to love, honour, cherish

Jesus help me to respect and encourage Colin

Let’s walk hand in hand

With Jesus, together, you and I

Jesus bind us in Your love

Jesus bind you in His love

Jesus is more than enough for us

Jesus is more than enough

Jesus make us one

05. Whole

(Jacinta Rae, Nathan Singh)

My God, My King

You are my everything

My Lord, I sing

To You my broken dreams

I’ll follow You

To a place

Where I know I can’t fall

I’ll follow You

To a place

Where I know I’ll be whole

My Lord, My King

Comfort and joy You bring

My hope, My light

Your peace it speaks inside

06. In Your Arms

(Jacinta Rae)

Spirit come and rescue me

Spirit come and hold me

Jesus come and change my view

Point my heart toward You

All I know is I’m right here

In Your arms

Where I should be

Father come and speak to me

Daddy come and show me

Show me how to live Your way

Jesus come and fill me

Spirit rain down on me

07. A warm place

(Jacinta & Colin Rae)

It’s a warm place

With a stream

Flowing through the centre

And the music

It just goes on and on

It’s a place for hearts to be whole

Healing flows in that river

There is no more pain, no more fear

No death, only freedom

Stand in awe of our Great Creator

Heaven sent by the Father

Welcome home to your destination

Life, love and completion

08. Sunbeams

(Jacinta Rae)

Sunbeams from heaven

Falling through the sky

Sunbeams from heaven

Lift me up so high

And the hope

That Jesus gives is real

And the love

That Jesus gives is so real

I’m with my God now

In the highest place

Right with the sunbeams

Mercy and His grace

And I want You

O Lord

09. This Love

(Jacinta & Colin Rae)

Jesus You fill me

Jesus You free me

Jesus You love

You love me

This love I’ve found

Such a gift to me

Like gentle rain

On my soul

Falling from heaven

10. Outro (Still here)

(Jacinta & Colin Rae)

Here we stand again together

In His grace and time of freedom

Our together song

Jesus make us strong

Come lets sing our song together

Guitar, Bass, Keys, Percussion, Vocals by Jacinta Rae

Drums by Nathan Singh

Artwork by Colin Rae

Dear Friends,

Here we are sharing the start of our together journey. These songs speak our heart and times, honouring Jesus together. God is faithful. We love soaking in His presence and stand amazed.

Enjoy these songs. Share them. Feel alive.

Peace and Freedom,

Colin and Jacinta

“He Himself is our peace”

Ephesians 2:14 – The Bible