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You’re worth far more than rubies

Clothed with strength and dignity

The Lord is your great shepherd

He will give you all you need

The Lord He is so faithful

He’ll be with you all your days


We your children call you blessed

We your children call you blessed


Jesus He will restore you

He will restore your very soul

You are a precious mother

One who fears the Lord your God

Our God yes He will guide you

In His loving righteousness



Words and music Jacinta Rae
In collaboration with Nathan Singh


For Mum,

There is a special nurture, a hidden place of life that only exists in heart of a mother.
It is with pride that we present this song for mum. She is a wonderful woman, with a destiny beyond our highest expectations. So it is with your Mum.
We stand to honour you Mum.

Love, Colin & Jacinta Rae

Proverbs 31:28 Her children rise up and call her blessed