“Spirit Filled” is a journey for Jacinta that moves out of depression into more freedom and wholeness though Jesus Christ. It has more upbeat style tunes that tell the real truth. You just gotta check this one out and enjoy!!!


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01. The Lord hears

I hope in You

I trust in You

I live for You

My Jesus


I’ll bless the Lord

At all times

He lifts me up

When I am down


Righteous they cry out

The Lord hears them

Delivers them out of all their troubles

Out of all their troubles


I seek the Lord

He hears me

Delivers me

From all my fears


I can do all

All things through Christ

Who strengthens me

Who strengthens me


02. To live for You

Lord I can’t live this way no more

My eyes have no more tears to cry

My heart is flooded with my tears

What must I do to carry on?


What should I do to live for You?

What should I say to live for You?


Sometimes the pain just gets too much

I think of You on that old cross

Compared to You my pain is nothing

Lord give me strength to carry on


When will You come back to take me home?

Lord give me hope to carry on


03. Capture me

Lord I’m in Your Love

Lord I’m in Your Grace

All I need is You now

Lord I desire to seek Your face


And Lord I need You

I need You here

And Lord I thank You

For being here


So Father I love You

And live everyday for You

Yes Jesus capture me in Your Spirit


Your Holy Presence

Leads me to Your living waters

Your Holy abundance quenches my thirst

My soul is filled with Your Presence


And its free, its all free

It’s all been paid for

2000 years ago

04. I love You

Here I am in this life circumstances surround me

I am down but You are with me


Yes Jesus You are here

When I’m sad I love You

Yes Jesus You are near

When I’m joyful I love You


You O Lord set Your face before me forever

Blessed be the Lord God of here and now


I’m in Your presence

Here I am with You

The Father raises us up with Jesus

This is for the glory of God


05. Abundance

Jesus my Jesus come rescue me

Jesus O Jesus I Love You

Your Holy Presence living in me

You guide me You hold me

With open arms


And I believe You’re holding me everyday

Yes Father by Your Spirit now I can see


In this world I’m saddened You rescue me

Your Holy abundance delivers me

I’m captured I’m taken into Your world

You keep me in Your Love

And now Lord I’m free


And I believe You’re holding me everyday

Yes Father by Your Spirit now I can see


Jesus my Jesus come rescue me

Jesus O Jesus I love You


06. Arise

I will arise

The Lord will be a light


You my God will cast all our sins

Into the deepest parts of the sea

God of mercy

God of compassion

Come in our lives and set us free


Some of heaven is here

Waiting to be found


I will look to You Lord

I will wait for You


My God will hear me


07. Take me

My God is big

My God is everlasting

My God’s so strong

My God is holy holy


So Jesus take me take me take me over Jesus

Come and take me take me take me over Jesus


Call on the name of Jesus Jesus Jesus


08. Army of Christ

We live inside this army of Christ

He gives us liberty and sets us free


Every day is a new day in Jesus

Every second is a new hope


09. Fear Into faith

Lord I thank you for the people that You’ve given to me

I see Your love and I see Your strength flowing through them

I pray You’ll build them up with all Your might

And let them see You so we can meet with You


Lord turn my fear into faith

And help me get through

Lord shine your light

Into my heart and my soul


I pray You’ll help me to move on with You

Please be my guide Lord for eternity

Lord let me shine like a star for You

I’m so unworthy but Lord I’ll always thank You


Lord turn my fear into faith


10. Through the Father’s eyes

Hold us in the palm of Your heavenly hand Lord

Fill us with the spirit of Your love

Lead us over mountains and through the darkest valleys

Fill us with the joy of the great King

Lord help us yeah

Lord help us to …


Love, see, feel, be like You Lord

Look through the father’s eyes

Follow You with all my heart

With everything that I am

With everything you want me to be


Show us all the glory that is Yours forever more Lord

Guide us in the secret of our hearts

Help us look beyond all the sin inside this world

Through Jesus the only way to God

He is our constant strength and refuge

Lord help us to …


Lord You are my Saviour

Lord You are my King

Lord help us

Help us to see, feel, be like You

Lord help us. Lord help us to …


11. Vision

Write the vision and make it plain on tablets

Hear the Lord and catch his great revelation


Lift your hands in sweet surrender to the King

Lift your hearts in praise and worship to our God


Show us Your ways our Father

Pour out Your Spirit


Our Jesus can do anything



Music, vocals, and lyrics by Jacinta Rae
Album artwork by Colin Rae


Dear Friends,

Spirit Filled is out of this world. It comes from the Creator of life and my best friend. God has fully and totally entered into our lives. He is here, all we need to do is reach out.

You and me, here and now are His generation. We are Jacob, the generation who seek His face. We want to be accepted for who we are, the way we are.

Having an intimate personal relationship with Jesus means that we can be who we are and all that He has made us to be without feeling pressured in today’s society. Yes, He loves you exactly how you are. If you choose to reach out and fall into His loving arms you will be transformed into a new being.
It’s really funky stuff!!!

Thank you to God and to all my friends who give me the inspiration to take what I feel and share it in this form. It is your smiling faces and all your hanging out that makes me want to hang out with God and write this revelation down. Maybe not on tablets but you know what I mean, our equivalent today. I would like to say that every one of us is a beautiful person created by God.

That means you.

Mountains of love,


And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.
Romans 5:5