“Walk” is a beautiful album with unique sounds. Most of the percussion was played by Jacinta herself and her brother Nathan. Nathan is a specialised drummer and adapts to almost any beats. This album is the story of walking with Jesus. It is a serene outback adventure and embraces the Father God. Check it out for yourself!


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01. With You

I know You gave me life

I see You treat me right

I’m tired of all this pain

I need You in this game


I see someone new

When I look at You

I give You all this pain

Cause You died and now You reign forever more


I live with You my Jesus

Every single day You’re with me

I need Your eyes of faith Lord

Be my King today, forever


02. King of my heart

I need Your peace in my soul

I need Your love in my life

Lord take me to a place that I can be set free, set free


Lord I need You in this place

Lord I need Your presence here

Lord I need Your saving grace

Lord I need You I need You I need You


So I live inside

O this place of life

Where I live with Jesus as the King of my heart


03. Sing

I will love You, O Lord my strength my song

My rock, my fortress, my deliverer

My shield, my salvation, stronghold, O my friend

I will love You till the very end


But I trust in Your unfailing love

My heart rejoices in Your salvation

I will sing to the Lord for he’s been good to me

I will sing I will sing I will sing


04. The One

I don’t why I’m here in this place

But I think it’s cause of His grace

I’m tired of this place of this same old routine

I need something fresh I need to be free


I see the hope in You in me

Jesus is the One


Our best friend in the world

He made us so good

If we are in Christ then we are new

In this place, this same old, old routine

The King of Kings will carry us through


05. Be the King (of me)

Fiery sunset in the distant sky

Here I stand before You with my arms open wide

I’m ready to receive You, my Lord and King

I need You in this desert, Your sweet waters of life


Be the King of this heart

Be the King of my life

Be the King of my world forevermore

Be the King of me

Be the King of me


I hear the rain falling and I know You’re near

I stop and I listen for Your whisper in my ear

I know I am nothing but with You I can do everything


06. I need You

Father in heaven how we love to give You praise

Father in heaven how we love to lift Your name on high

My Lord I need you in this world I need You now

My Jesus You are everything to me


Jesus I need You

Jesus I love You

And You walk beside me

Always I will wait for You


I will live for you

I will trust in You

I will hope in You

My God


I will sing to You

I will wait for You

I believe in You my friend


Jesus I need You in this place that I am in

Jesus I trust you and I know You are my friend

Thank You for grace and life mm Jesus I am Yours

Come Holy Spirit lead me straight to You


07. That day

Father thank You for Your Spirit

Living inside of me

Now I’m a part of You

And Jesus You’re a part of me


Thank You for that day on the cross

Where Jesus You died for me

You died for all my sin and shame

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever


Lord I’ll sow in tears

I will reap in joy

In this brokenness O God

Your love shines down


08. Christ is risen

Christ is risen

Sin shall be no more


We shall be made alive in Christ

We will arise today


Christ is risen

Sin shall be no more


We will rise with Christ on that glorious day

We will rise today


The righteousness of God

Will show the power of the cross


Christ is risen

Sin shall be no more


09. Water lily

Together we sat by the still waters

You and I Oh God we rest here

We share the peaceful breeze

I listen to Your still small voice

I feel Your presence in my every breath


Jesus I desire to know You more

Father thank You for being here with me

The water lily lies on top of the water

But I will rest on You my friend


Your gift of life is so precious to me

I will treasure You my God

My heart longs for You Jesus

The reflection of the world in the water


10. Everything

Jesus I love You

And Jesus I adore You

Jesus I know You’re near

And Jesus I desire You


I live to worship You

I live to honour You

I live to give You praise

Jesus You are everything


You said, come if you’re thirsty

I’m saying Lord I thirst for You

I will come to You to live

I will call out to the nations


Loving and merciful

Lord come forgive

Show me Your ways O Lord

I’ll trust in You


Yes I will celebrate

And go in peace

Mountains and hills will sing

To glorify You Lord


11. Christ Jesus

(Nathan Singh)

You are my salvation Jesus

Walk in the light

The Lord will keep you

We live by faith not by sight

Have faith in God


Christ died for sins

Foundations of the earth are His

Jesus said remain in me

Seek and He will set you free

A gentle answer turns away

Pray for each other everyday

Forgive and be forgiven too

No condemnation for those in You


Christ Jesus Yeah

You are my Saviour

Christ Jesus Yeah

Christ Jesus


You died for us on the cross

You are our Saviour

We love You till the end


12. Psalm 9ish

Lord I know

I’ve been away from You

For so long

I need Your love


And I know

That You reign forever more

You will judge in righteousness

You are Holy Lord


Jesus come

Deliver me

I need Your love in my life


Jesus Christ

You died for me

Set me free from sin & death

Guide my steps to run to You


You’re my refuge

Stronghold in troubled times

We will trust in You O God

You never forsake us


Jesus come

Deliver me

I need Your love in my life


Lord I know

You’re waiting for me

Draw me close

I long to be with You


Jesus come

Deliver me

I need Your love in my life


13. At Your feet

(Merolyn Gawa)

Lord I seek Your righteousness

Lord I seek Your holiness

I come to You in brokenness

To lay my life at Your feet


I long to see You face to face

To stand in awe at Your throne of grace

Draw me to Your lovely holy peace


And I will worship You

Father God I worship you

And I will worship You

With all my heart

And as I lift my hands

I will lift Your name on high

And I will worship You

With all my heart


15. Walk with You

You Lord, have saved my life from death

You Lord have kept my eyes from tears

You Lord, have kept my feet from stumbling

I will walk with You


I will walk with You, Jesus

In the land of the living


You Lord, are full of grace and peace

You Lord, give rest & righteousness

You Lord, are my present helper

We will praise Your name


Music, vocals, and lyrics by Jacinta Rae


Album artwork by Colin Rae


Dear Friends,

It’s so good to experience Jesus in everyday life. Walking with Jesus is my beautiful life. My desire is that everyone in the world will experience a beautiful life walking with Jesus. Jesus takes me by the hand and says “I love you Jas, not the things you do, but just you.” Over the years Jesus has brought so much freedom into my life. I wanted to share my journey with you friends. My prayer is that Jesus will bring more freedom than the world can handle into your life. This is for You Jesus, because I love You and because I desire to bring You glory all the days of my life. Thank You for the songs You have put in my heart & for letting me walk with You.

Mountains of love,
Jacinta :)

Psalm 115:1- Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to Your name be the glory, because of Your love and faithfulness.